Almost another month goes by before the next blog post, I sense an awful habit emerging.

Working full time definitely takes it’s toll – that’s something I have realised about myself; I could never exist and thrive in a 9 til 5 world. The idea of a repetitive lifestyle (without offense) repulses me. I’m totally cool with getting hit by curveballs and I love living in a messy state. There’s something about life that’s pretty fantastic if you don’t prepare for anything.

Hannah and I went for a bike ride. We have been meaning to for months and finally we did. I had forgotten how to ride a bike and her flatmate (who’s pedals I was borrowing) is twice my height, and we just assumed it would be a half hour round trip to Lyall Bay. It took us an hour to get there, but it was a beautiful day and we spent it lying on the beach and drinking Six Barrel Sodas from the Maranui Cafe. Their subtle circus theme was quaint and fun. The cute boy even gave us vegan cupcakes to take for the trip back home to the city.

Awareness of what goes into my body is something I’m becoming increasingly fascinated by. Eating vegan, gluten free is extremely limiting in the first place, but it forces one to think about all manners of food. I currently make milkshakes for a living. They have about a litre of ice cream and half a litre of milk in each one, and Chris (a work colleague) brought up the most valid point I had ever heard. “If we were meant to drink dairy we would have been born to cows.” I learnt something that day.

Watching all my flatmates head back to University is hard. I would love to be joining them, studying something I am so passionate about, but I have yet to find that. I’m hoping the fact that I am heading to Europe will help me. How incredibly cliche, heading to Europe in search of the ‘Great Unknown’. But fuck it, I might find it.

I’m counting on finding it.

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