It’s not even a Sunday and every single post so far begins with an excuse for my slackness. I’m going to stop apologising.

I’ve eaten nachos three times in the past week, and I forgot to buy bread for my avocado on toast so this morning I shouted myself breakfast. I’ve been taking a lot of me time. On Tuesday evening I climbed a mountain and sung and danced by myself while watching the sunset.

During Savasana in my Yoga class last week I realised I need to spend more time living in the moment. I have this embarrassing habit of inventing fake lives in my head, and spend a lot of my day living in those moments in my head. But they’re not real and I’m glad I’ve become aware of that. And I’ve lost my train of thought… I’m far too distractable.

Europe is less than four weeks away, I’ve gone full hypebeast and have been gymming three times a day. But at the end of the day will it really matter if my Bonitas are a little too snug when I’m sunning on the shores of Sorrento?? That’s exactly what I thought, most likely not¬†–¬†unless I get chafing.

It really is the time of the year where all motivation gradually slips, but for me the year is just getting started. I have been having the time of my life exploring all Welly Woo has in store for me, but like I’ve said, searching for the ‘Great Unknown’ or whatever. There’s fashion magazine internships to be had, drama school auditions to nail, vegan gluten free cafes to open…

Long story short, there’s shit I want to do that’s out there to be done. And I’m going to go and do it. Six week slump can suck it.

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