I started my blog as ‘an adventure to twenty’ as if suddenly turning twenty would force me into adulthood. I guess that is a naivety in myself stopping me from achieving adulthood itself.

I may have mentioned before my love of the idea of never stopping learning (does this sentence even make grammatical sense?). These past fourty-five days have been nothing but a combination of learning and appreciation. It’s undeniably a marvellous feeling.

With that feeling in mind, I never thought I would hit the point of writer’s block. You may have noticed – it’s ridiculously obvious – I have trouble writing about specific events. So as I sit here eating mushy peas and watching Sex and the City reruns I will attempt to write a glorified yet truthful bullet point list of current happenings in my world.

I made my first friend in England. He lives a few houses down the road from my brother and I see him when I go to the corner store to buy filtered water every morning. Yesterday he yelled out to me, and attempted to ride his scooter up the hill towards me before he preceded to fall back off down the hill. At this point I should mention that he’s roughly four. And I don’t know his name. I saw him again this morning. We had a look for his bouncy ball in the bushes and that occupied me for a solid fifteen minutes. It’s a strange feeling having to find activities to occupy my time with, coming from the hype of the tour.

I learnt what it means to genuinely miss someone. I could have easily spent the rest of forever together in various hostels throughout London. But he is doing his thing and I am doing mine and one of us had to be the first to leave. And life really does go on, because it’s never goodbye it’s always see you soon.

Getting to know my brother is a surreal excitement. It’s a strange feeling to grow up knowing someone is close to you, and then at aged 19 actually becoming close. I like it.

The rumour is that you either love London or you hate it. I met an Italian guy in my hostel who had been living there for six months, and we compared London to somewhat of an aquarium. Forgive the nasty metaphor, but it’s like there’s this whole crazy world going on and when you first arrive in London you’re trapped behind this glass – you can’t experience the city to it’s potential. Only when you’re ultimately sucked in can you fall so deeply in love with it.

From years of watching my Hugh Grant Box Set (the classics; Love Actually, Notting Hill, Bridget Jones’ Diary, etc.) every Christmas Eve, it’s a relatively safe bet that I was already inexplicably in love with this city. I could spend the rest of my life here in a heartbeat.

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