You know the girl. She wears red lipstick to compliment her blue jeans and Dior thigh highs. She oozes sexuality and there’s this paradox where her anonyminity makes her so much cooler – but you know her.

Courtesy of my Vogue Daily, I know her. I know what kind of coffee she drinks, where she shops, how she ties the knot. I know how to be her. I want to be her. She has the ‘je ne sais quoi’. French Girl Cool is timeless.

You think of fashion, and you think of New York. You think of style, and it’s Paris. It’s a socially acceptable cult following. The girls with the tousled manes and the stick cigarettes. Yet there’s more to her than just her appearance. It’s her enviable confidence, the pride she has in herself. It’s her independence and how she allows this to define her in a ‘statement’ way, as if being happy by yourself is the new black. She’s intelligent and successful and passionate.

She’s more than just a phase in fashion. She’s why we should all carry a little French Girl Cool.

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