Given the stupid reality that it’s now been a month since I have returned from Europe, I deemed it appropriate to have somewhat of a reflection¬†– if reflection is the right word for it. It’s a strange mix of feelings and warnings and thoughts, with a little bit of regret when it comes to not starting assignments sooner.

Throwing yourself into new things can genuinely be rewarding. I know if I had found myself arriving back to my humble country and not being a week behind on my coursework (it’s been a month, I’m still behind) I would see myself moping in my semi-damp and definitely freezing bedroom considering why I ever thought it would be a good idea to go travelling in the first place.

But it was a fucking great¬†idea. Again I feel myself writing somewhat of a conclusion and I guess it really is an end to that adventure, but there’s no possible way I could ever feel shit about that.

Jess bought me a notebook for my birthday, partly because I love writing (and I love Jess), but on the cover it said something about being on to the next adventure. And I think that’s what I want my life to be like. Maybe like a series of really good books or something, just one rad thing after another.

Six Week Slump couldn’t be more of a myth if it tried. I mean, yep, it’s hand in week and I’m currently putting off two essays, a creative writing portfolio and a media release to write some semi-pointless reflections about life. But I’m not worried. I know my multiple coffees and sleep deprivation will see me through until Friday morning.

At a risk of contradicting myself (I’m about to contradict myself), sometimes I find it pretty cool to take things slow. If I’m wanting to spend a weekend going to yoga and getting brunch at Prefab who am I to deprive myself from that, it’s too easy to take life so seriously and and like hey, where’s the fun in that. Take some time out to cook a nice meal, and watch a film. The world isn’t going to end.

And when you’re ready, get onto the next adventure, find somewhere you want to go or something you want to do and just go and do it. I get that out of all my lame cliches that was most definitely the worst, but seriously? What’s the point.

And just around the corner from my house there’s a neon sign in a shop window that always keeps me thinking. Don’t let it get you.

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