It’s a sleepy Tuesday morning, and I’m on Fashion Week catch up.

Days 3 and 4 were easily a highlight in themselves, showcasing both emerging and veteran designers. And then there was Sean Kelly, and I helped him with his goodie bags. Perks of the job or something like that. And his collection was worth every single moment of the hype – too dreamy, too beautiful. I can promise you there were tears reflected on every single one of his mirrors.

If the Lucilla Gray showcase was anything to go by, refined shapes are definitely here to stay. I read a quote in a design book. “Keep taking things away until you cry.” And it should be tears of happiness because I couldn’t have dreamt a collection so gorgeous. Combine the boxy shapes with the camel that twenty-seven names absolutely mastered, and you have my favourite piece of Day 3; ITZME’s camel mini dress. Combine their tailored v neck with a cozy white turtle neck, and it’ll see you through the dreadful weather we’re still having.

Which by the way, it’s spring. Not that you could tell from the torrential rain outside.

Day 4’s Miramoda Showcase encouraged some beautiful textures; my favourite giving the feel of the tea staining you used to spend hours doing on the paper of your intermediate school projects. And the reality was no less. Hohepa Thompson had buried his fabrics in a hangi pit, and they looked cool as shit.

Zambesi was no less of a dream come true. Taking away from the theme of minimalistic, boxy works of art, it was a beautifully tailored collection. And I would expect nothing less to end the magic of trade week.


  • Sitting at the Spike of Sean Kelly’s sold out debut. Dreamy.
  • Lucy Slight’s white Mi Piaci mules. Never thought I would veer from the sneakers, but she’s argued a good case.


  • 13 hours days definitely catch up on you.
  • But again, they’re worth it. And it’s not intended as a concluding, hard-hitting statement. It’s the bittersweet truth.

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