Hello. It’s me again. The girl who never writes. And when she writes, she procrasti-writes.

I’ve spent a majority of the past week hobbling along on crutches. The one time I actually get enough motivation to go to the gym, I end up writing myself off for a couple of weeks. There’s no such thing as beginners luck.

I fell down the stairs within my first hour on the crutches.

It meant I got the weekend off work, paid, because there’s no such thing as ‘light’ work at Fidel’s. A massive shout out to ACC for funding this weeks adventures.

This year’s getting pretty close to over, and it’s a frightening thought. I have a ridiculous amount of university to do and a week and a half to do it in. Achievable. I hope.

I always thought that core papers would be good, because I always think structure will be good. I constantly try to structure myself because otherwise I would probably end up with ten years of study and not a single degree under my belt – believe me, it’s heading that way at this point. And to be honest, who’s surprised, the core papers kind of suck. I can understand the point and it’s pretty groovy how they link in with one another. But it’s not what I want to do.

When I set my mind on something I just need to do it. Idk, impulsive.

Connor and I got to thinking, and we’re combining talents with a few of Wellington’s Finest and creating a magazine. It’s going to be a bit of everything, and anything. Whatever inspires us and the people around us. Because print never dies.

I have a To Do List for today, of things that are actually important and need doing. But that’s the best time to write. And lists are so pleasing to look at.

Things I Like:

  • The idea of Summer. I just want to go Top of the South Adventuring with my friends, waterfall hunting and picnic packing. I can’t wait for summer.
  • Wagamama. I’ve been craving Wagamama for what feels like weeks but in reality is barely minutes.
  • Coconut. It tastes like summer so I put it in everything.
  • The complete Lord of the Rings Soundtrack, it’s the only thing that helps me study.
  • Sunny days without wind.

Things I Don’t Like As Much:

  • Stress Free Study Week. They try to emphasise the stress free but you end up stressing regardless.
  • Grocery shopping with crutches.
  • Socks and sandals.
  • Sunny days that are also windy. Thank you Wellington, windiest city in the world.

And I guess that’s all I can really think about at this point. I’m mentally drained. But I guess if you’re not absolutely done at this time of the year then you can’t be doing it right.

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