I’m a girl who’s constantly searching for meaning in things. It’s been that way since Year 9. We learnt that Romeo’s curtains were blue and Juliet’s were red, as it represented the conflict between their families. I’m even reading (attempting) a novel as we speak. Man’s Search for Meaning.

So to me, art and fashion is a break. It’s refreshing. It is what it is, yet at the same time it’s totally not.

And that’s when I found myself absolutely fizzing at the Massey Exposure Exhibition.¬†Everything I rested my eyes on was a work of beauty. And it had meaning. I had absolutely no clue how to behave.

Kitty Lawrence’s fourth-year collection Lola couldn’t help but steal my heart. The structured lines contrasting with the draped silk is everything I could ever need, want and hope for. The collection was dedicated to those living with¬†Epidermolysis Bullosa, a genetic skin blistering condition. And an awareness of their everyday struggles was ever present in Kitty’s designs.

It was beautiful. Unshockingly, I found some meaning.

Alanah Bruce’s Dualities speaks to the creative in everyone. It’s about seeing you in the garment, not the garment on you. Does this make sense? It makes sense in my head. You are more than just what you wear.

Georgia Barclay’s Collective is my Sunday morning. Or how I would like my Sunday morning to be. Crisp and cosy, and linen is ever present. It’s about a girl who knows where she wants to be, but is also comfortable with where she is.

I can appreciate that.

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