Once upon a week ago, I found myself walking the Massey University corridors yet again. I had had my fair share of last time this years, but after visiting the Exposure Exhibition there was no way I could turn down an invitation to the Fourth Year Fashion Design Showcase.

I appreciate fashion, and for some reason I constantly feel the need to emphasise this. The detailing, the skill, and the creative outlet were all ever-present in this years showcase.

Last time I wrote, I got into an illegible rant about the creative self, and Alanah Bruce’s Dualities was to blame. Seeing her collection in action helped me no more.

My mum says I have this thing, where I think three steps ahead in a conversation before I speak, and I naively assume everyone’s on the same page as me. My communication is fragmented, and it makes absolutely no sense at the best of times. The worst quality for someone who is wanting to become a writer.

So I am going to let Alanah explain Dualities to you.

Dualities is a collection that aims to challenge the conventional boundaries isolating garments and artworks as separate entitites, creating pieces that lend themselves to fluidly transition across modes of display both on and off the body with the aesthetic function of the pieces extending beyond the time worn as a piece of clothing.

Creativity isn’t limited to the designer’s hand, the modifiable pieces unconstrained by many preexisting rules of garment framework allow the wearer to interpret and interact with the pieces in a unique way.

Let me start off by saying, I’m a sucker for someone who breaks the rules. Bad boys? I love them. Bad fashion? I love it even more.

And then the structured necks, the draped linens, and the frayed hems hit the runway. I was in heaven. The simplistic palette of black, white and blush would slide right into my wardrobe, and while the pieces were mellow enough to let the wearer speak for themselves – they became their own personality.

They compliment you. And in times like these, a good compliment is hard to find.

If you learn anything from me (if you read me), break the rules. Wear a baggy shirt with a baggy skirt. And then put a baggy jacket over your already baggy ensemble. Emphasising your assets is lame when you can wear something badass.

Photo courtesy of @alanahbruce.

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