If you have spoken to me at any given point in the past two months, you would be obviously aware of how excited I am to be home for the summer. Somewhere between road trips and the royal, Nelson is perfect.

The time off is spent adventuring to nostalgic childhood camping grounds, and there’s even something comforting in the rainy, windy days.

I find it almost funny, that I spent so much of my last few years in this place hungry to run away and see the world, to explore new continents and to live in bigger cities. And now that I have had a taste, I know just how good home is.

And I love my friends. While not everyone’s home for the summer, when we’re all together it feels just like it used to. Everything’s easy, and Never Have I Ever gets more and more exciting with each reunion.

And I’m beginning to feel caught up in some sort of checkmate of the blog-kind. I don’t know whether I fully immerse myself in the fashion blogisphere to the point of friends and family losing interest in what I’m saying, or if I keep writing about me and my life – so illusive and filled with quotes, life quips and bullshit. It’s something I’ve loved to do from day one, yet I feel like I’m going nowhere.

I’ve said it before. I have a need for some kind of formal structure or I get lost.

I’m getting really lost. But it’s summer and I guess that’s ok.

This entire post made no sense right? Good.

We’re on the same page.


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