1. Motivation is simmering away. I have plans, schedules and ideas for this platform of mine and I intend to see them through. Weekly chatter much like this, more in depth fashion yarns, great puns obviously, and the odd update on just how un-miserable my life is.
  2. Dogs. I saw a really cute one today.
  3. Itch is happening. If you don’t know, now you know. Connor came to me and said hey, you have some cool ideas and I have some cool ideas and you’re a creative person and I’m a creative person so lets make a thing. So we’re making a thing. And you will be able to read it next March. And four times a year after that.
  4. The OC. It’s such an important addition to dreaming your life away for two weeks.
  5. Auckland this Friday. Jess knows about the surprise, so it’s ok to talk about it. And I get to see my best friend before she leaves to America. It’s great news.
  6. I joined a gym. I have a fitness plan. I’ll keep you posted.
  7. Slowly and steadily saving. So much to do this summer and so little dollars to do it in. Playing the customers for tips gets you pretty far in life.
  8. THIS DOG.



  1. Jess knows about the surprise.
  2. Terrorism and Gun Violence. Nope.
  3. I bought a dress three weeks ago which still hasn’t arrived.
  4. Somehow contracted an unidentified vomiting bug in the past four hours. Mum’s not home. I’m unsure how to do adult stuff. Send help.

Photo courtesy of Cool Dog Group. This dog is wearing a jacket made out of Rick Owens Sphinx Sock Sneakers. Wicked.

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