• Summer is growingly being filled with yolo moments. Spontaneous road trips. Swimming at sunset. Swimming at sunrise. Lots of swimming. Freedom camping. I guess coming home I’m appreciating all the little things life has to offer.
  • Yoga. “Let’s get flexy.” – Michayla Addison-Saipe, 2015.
  • I managed to ruin two pairs of shoes in a single camping trip. I think that means I had a good time.
  • The hours I’m working are beginning equate to my spending habits.
  • People are beginning to realise that Donald Trump sucks ass. Bernie Sanders rules and I want to land a green card purely for the purpose of voting. Because I’m not sure if the human race is aware but this years election is going to effect the entire world. #feelthebern
  • Four days in and I have almost stuck to all my resolutions (see more later). I am going to be passionate, perseverant and present.
  • I’ve sent my cameras away to be developed. While being slightly aware of the environment, and the fact that I accidentally went over an entire film, I’m so excited to see what comes back. It’s always such a pleasant surprise.
  • Karen and I are on a hey what’s up how was your weekend I haven’t seen you in a while basis.



  • I also had a New Years Resolution to drink a lot less. That one isn’t going too well.

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