I thought to myself, hey now that you’re kind of living out your new years resolutions it’s probably time you dropped in for a few more words.

I frequently think this. And then I procrastinate some more. So today I write.

Summer has genuinely been exhausting. We say it time and time again, but people really don’t give uni students enough credit. We do more than just drink. We work full time jobs, we spend our summers organising flats, we attempt to go on road trips, to concerts, to ‘exercise’ and ‘eat-healthy’, we do our duty and spend a reasonable amount of time with our families, we try our hardest to save a decent amount of money, and on top of that we still find time to drink.

Yet I am so grateful for this summer. I get to wake up and swim every day. I could spend my life in the ocean and not get bored. I get to go to yoga classes and meet beautiful people who share the same passion for our earth that I do. I get to drive off with my friends into the sunset because we are the lucky ones who get to call this place home.

I got a henna tattoo on my hand, I’m feeling kind of spiritual. Bare with me.

I had a lovely time not going into work for three days. It sounds lazy, but I walked to my favourite waterfall with my favourite person, and we swam in the shit cold waters during a debatable thunderstorm. No one was home so I played Vince Staples and Ella Fitzgerald as loud as I could and I made a pair of shorts out of dad jeans, and got creative on the jewellery side of things. I went to yoga and I swam some more.

I almost want to buy one of the mermaid tails but I’m a little bit scared of drowning. I’m not as yolo as I would like to be.

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  1. I love how you write so unapologetically tess, there are few people in this world how know how to speak the honest truth of their mind and also few people who seem to appreciate it. Keep writing, Rochelle xx

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