I think an apology is in order. And a thank you. This is probably the best place to start. I try to limit myself to a gram a day, but when you’re working backstage at numerous fashion shows, it calls for a get out of jail free card.

Last week I arrived in Auckland, slightly stressed, extremely nervous, and ridiculously under-packed for the few days ahead. I was slightly unsure of what I was actually needed to do, but I thought the idea of having a walkie-talkie and a clipboard sounded pretty dope.

2016 was Britomart Fashion Sessions’ fourth year running, and extended for an extra day to showcase the heart of the city’s talent. Featuring current season looks from Kate Sylvester, Zambesi, World, Trelise Cooper, Juliette Hogan, Taylor, Ted Baker and Kathryn Wilson (so, lots), you would assume it would be hard to have favourites. Unless you’re me.

And I did.

The ankles stole the show. Cropped culottes and sneakers. Cropped pant-suits and booties. Cropped maxi-gowns and chucks. 2016 is the year of the crop, and I am happy about that. (Stay tuned, a post on the importance of ankles is in the works.)

But in all honesty, the highlight was the work I got to do behind the scenes. I never saw myself pursuing a career in event management – and in all honesty I still don’t, but there was something about the hustle and bustle that was so exciting. I felt like a real life adult in a real life job and that was super cool. I was assisting the Trelise Cooper team in re-styling their looks, I was assisting Yasmin in her show choreography, I was running models to hair, and make-up, and last minute fittings in the Ted Baker store when they began dropping like flies.

And for the thirty minutes that the girls were on stage, it was pure magic.

Enjoy some photos of this magic courtesy of Sam Lee and Cam Downey.



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