2016 is undeniably a different year. In all manner of literal terms, it is a different year. One day it’s 2015 and then you wake up the next on the side of the road amongst a small village of French freedom campers and it’s 2016.

It all makes perfectly logical sense.

And nearly a third of the way in, I’ve actually done what I thought I would never do, and I have embraced the new year. I’ve taken the past twenty years of my life on board. I’ve learnt from the shit, but I’ve also learnt from the magic that happens in my daily life.

I’m not a sucker for shout outs, but these days there are three pretty amazing girls who create this magic.

Our alarms go off at six each morning, we haul ourselves out of bed and to the gym by seven as no morning routine is complete without an hour of snoozing. We dress ourselves – predominantly from each other’s closets, make our smoothie bowls and go to uni. And then in the evening we drive to the ocean.

On Sunday night I had one of my rare two hour baths (for the most part, I get bored), but when I got out the real world wasn’t as good as my bath world so I cleaned the kitchen and I cried. I don’t know why I am feeling the need to write about this. It’s a seemingly insignificant and ever so embarrassing detail of my life. But Connor patted the tickley spot on my knee and Liv bought me home a snickers slice from work. Sophie offered me red wine and I never say no to red wine.

Connor just wandered into my room to return today’s clothes. “I’m so excited for smoothies in the morning!” We bought new goji berries and chia seeds today.

My house feels like a home and there’s something so magic in that. It’s 2016 and I love the world.

And with nothing else of any meaning or significance to say I don’t know if this post communicated any kind of message other than that I am so happy happy happy. But that’s dope.

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