• The Neighbourhood Studio’s Neighbourhood Market. After an elongated (and well deserved) brunch, and an obligatory visit to the Farmers Markets, we found ourselves emerged in local creative talent somewhere in the depths of Newtown. Eloise is a beautiful woman with an incredible creative vision to provide Wellington’s creative folk with a space they can call home, and the market provide an opportunity for the public (me) to see just what is going on in our beautiful city.
  • My hot water bottle on cold nights.
  • End of season sales a.k.a cool clothes at cool prices.
  • Yoga. I take an hour out of my busy days to be entirely present. I feel refreshed, mindful and aware. It’s like a massage for the brain and I am increasingly getting super flexy.
  • Matt Corby is in eight days. My favourite kind of Monday.
  • Splendour in the Grass.
  • Last night’s bath. There were rosebuds and epsom salts, cupcakes and cups of tea, good books to read and the dulcet tones of my flatmate learning Kiss Me on the guitar. Sometimes it’s just really nice to forget about school for a while. C’s get degrees, and A’s get jobs but I still don’t really know where that leaves me. Hopefully not hospo.



  • When Tasty videos play out loud in your lecture.
  • My grades.
  • My hot water bottle on cold mornings.
  • Cold mornings.
  • This tutorial.
  • Exigency

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