Hasn’t it been the longest time? A month and a half and my social media hiatus has been going swimmingly. But by the looks of it, I’m back.

It wasn’t necessarily a pre-planned decision. I didn’t make a big deal about it. There was no sudden reason. I woke up one morning and decided to delete all of my social media off of my phone. Anyone who needed to contact me would eventually figure out how to, one way or another, and I wouldn’t be tempted to spend my 6am mornings in bed watching irrelevant snapchats.

And I suppose this is all kind of ironic coming from a girl with a blog.

But I noticed. We spend so much time consumed with what we post online, taking photo after photo for the perfect candid instagram of our indifferent night out, re-watching our snapstory every 2 hours to make sure that it’s still humorous and deserving of the spotlight, the ding of our messenger app going off every few minutes with a meaningless notification from someone who’s probably not that important. The super-likes on Tinder, followers pinning on Pinterest, posts that might interest you on Twitter, the push notifications are never ending. And the attention given to them is even further from ending.

And it’s a little frightening to watch.

And don’t take me for a cynic. I love social media. It’s played a huge role in shaping our society and the way we communicate and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But I removed myself from that life for a while and I’m still physically here. I’m still the same girl with the same friends and the same hobbies.

I just have a little more time to actually be here. I like it that way.

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