For someone like myself, who loved the golden age of fashion but never quite got to live it (being born in ’95 inhibits you from wearing the best collection of all time), Raf Simons walking through the doors of Calvin Klein is everything.

Despite the #mycalvins movement, and I must credit the campaign, Calvin is heading back to its roots. We’re talking the silhouettes of ’68, the allure of ’73, the mom jeans of ’87, but most importantly, we’re talking Spring 1994 Ready-to-Wear.

Somewhere between the Justin Biebers and the Gigi Hadids, I’ve felt a little lost. Do I have to stop wearing my Calvins for fear of looking like I’m hungry for Instagram fame? What about my favourite jacket, purchased at the Regent Street Flagship just over a year ago? Who is Calvin Klein and how do I fit in?

I know I can look forward to a multitude of tailored double layers, with a crisp and feminine edge. I can look forward to Raf’s creations becoming a tangible piece of art that will stay with me forever. I can wear mom jeans and Stan Smith’s to places other than Massey University. Goodbye to the walking billboards, Calvin’s back.

The rough and edgy aesthetic has regained it’s depth. The garments will be cohesive of the free spirited yet demanding girl who adorns them.

There will be truth and life in the collection. And there’s nothing more magical than that.

Much love, one very happy lady,


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