I read your comments scrawled all over the internet and try my best to bite my tongue, but you make it so fucking hard.

“You women are so clueless.”

“Clinton supports war in the Middle East.”

“Fucking loony lefties.”

“She makes me embarrassed to be a woman.”

Is that the best you’ve got? We can take it. Our dignity, our character, our rights and our motivation have been under attack as long as we can remember.

This is more than just a woman losing the presidency. This is more than a vulgar pussy remark. This is more than building a fucking wall.

This is uniting women everywhere. Yesterday showed it.

With marches from Washington to London, from Antarctica to Auckland, I feel so proud to be a woman. We feel what American women feel. We are women everywhere and we will not back down.

And your idiocy angers me.

We have the right to decide what will happen with our bodies. It is not constitutional politics, it is fundamental human rights. And we will not stop fighting until we get them.

Women died for the right to vote, yet our voices are being ignored. Women have died because they have been denied access to safe and legal abortions. Women have long had to foot the bill for access to contraception, yet they get paid less than men? A woman cannot walk down the street in daylight without the possibility of being made an object, a sexual joke to those who catcall for fun. But for me when you catcall, it’s not fun. You drive past yelling vulgar shit out your car window, and I jump out of my skin. You fucking frighten me.

Why isn’t my life worth as much as yours?

This isn’t disestablishing American politics. This isn’t draining the swamp. This is putting wealth into power, and the things they will be able to achieve for themselves, and take away from us globally, is frightening. Don’t even get me started on the negligence of Climate Change. Two days ago, we saw a man elected into one of the highest positions of power, validating all these out-dated beliefs in our society. Giving reason to those who spit fire and hatred. Those disgusting racist, sexist, elitist and controlling voices from the dark corners of society have seemingly been validated.

These views are not us. And we say no.

What would you do if it was you? If the shoe was on the other foot? You so often seem to think the problem doesn’t exist. It seems unfathomable and wrong, because it is. And it’s so much easier for you to laugh it off and pretend it doesn’t exist. What are you going to do for us?

And I give thanks to my father, a sexist bastard, who reminds me every day why we need to keep fighting. Why we need to stand together, from every corner of the world, and scream from rooftops.

It’s cool to be politically engaged. To stand united and to care. Don’t be afraid to speak up.

“You are a child of the universe, no less than the stars and the trees, and you have a right to be here. Whether or not it is clear to you, the universe is unfolding as it should.”

Let the universe unfold our story. The story of powerful and united women. Give them hell.

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