The best part about Peaks & Pits lists is there is often little to no context. Sometimes you’ll get the references, sometimes you’ll learn something new. From time to time it’s an inside joke. But I feel like Nestfest was the first event of the summer that really deserved reporting on.

Amid the tree-filled parks of The Stings, everyone I know seemingly gathered in one place to listen to some acts that they didn’t really know. But it was a perfect way to send off a summer, and start off a new life in the north. There were a few things that stood out more than others, and that’s how I rounded out my peaks and pits.

Nestfest Peaks:

  • Cool pants on display everywhere you looked.
  • Total Eclipse of the Heart at 8am, and 1pm, and 11pm.
  • Winery days and kubb with friends.
  • Friends, in general.
  • Sophie.
  • Hearing Delirium getting absolutely thrashed at the main stage.
  • Gas up circles; make your friends feel good about each other.
  • House gigs in Hastings.
  • Bottles of wine.
  • Cowboy hats and matching boots.
  • The road trip home.


  • Sprained ankles.
  • 1.5L bottles of wine.
  • Blacking out the night before the festival.
  • Total Eclipse of the Heart at 8am, and 1pm, and 11pm.
  • The road trip home.

I feel like Nestfest is one of those festivals that well and truly encapsulates a moment in time. I’ve even been told I missed it, not being in the first few crowds out of the boat, but what made this year so special is the possibility of a feature where we all collectively feel that good again.

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